NuMoon Technologies

Security at Speed

NuMoon Technologies develops and commercializes innovative detection solutions that enhance the safety and security of military and civilian lives. Our patented nano-second detection and instant analysis technology delivers results at trace levels and at speeds up to 60 MPH. 

Providing fast, accurate and comprehensive analysis, NuMoon Technologies provides non-invasive tools enhancing safety of personnel and improving the efficiency of the screening and detection processes.

A New Raman Spectroscopy System


Detects trace levels. 

Broad range of analytes. 

High signal-to-noise ratio.

High resolution. 

A single laser pulse (6 nanosecond).

From a distance.

Under daylight exposure conditions. 

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 Our technology is ideal for applications where chemical detection is needed at distance or at speed such as:

  • military
  • airport security
  • large-scale event management
  • port and cargo security
  • customs and border patrol
  • facility security
  • first responder
  • quality control for pharmaceutical manufacture